Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I met my friend June several years ago while on a trip to Vietnam.  She was already in her early 70's, and still gallivanting around the world.  Although June lives in Durban and I don't get to see her that often, I'm so pleased that we're still friends after all these years.

June inspires me to...

*   take better care of myself and keep active - June walks and swims most days

*  cook 'real' food - she loves cooking and baking, and we share recipes

*  help other people - June is always involved in various charity activities

*  work hard at maintaining friendships, and she shows me how to be a good friend

*  she encourages me when facing the deteriorating health of my mom - her husband also battled Alzheimer's Disease

June's wisdom and feistiness and sense of humour and pragmatism ground me whenever I get to spend time with her, and I think how much I want to be like her

I love having older women as friends, and I find that I get on easily with many of these wise women.
Love you my friend!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Little people

I recently spent a few days at the coast with my family and the 2 little people whom I adore.  The weather wasn't great and Katy was sick, but we made the best of it.  It's always good to be out of my normal environment and have time with my family



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Whimsical Lettering

I bought Joanne Sharpe's book "The art of whimsical lettering" - one of the best books on learning to doodle and play with lettering.  Most books spend too much time explaining what supplies are needed.  Joanne jumps right in, urges you to use the supplies that you already have, and gives you 25 mini projects to practice.  And she encourages us to make mistakes - yeh!
Here's page one of my play journal

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend in Review

Hello autumn with your falling leaves and whispers of cooler weather.  The windows are a little less wide open and a light blanket covers my feet at night.  Autumn and Spring are my all time favourite seasons of the year.
This weekend was thankfully about slow days, a bit of hooky, some drawing and painting...
I used a flat-iron for the first time (courtesy of a tutorial on youtube), I think I like it

 Simply Asia has just opened near my home - 514 mild with chicken for Sunday lunch - deeelish!

a pretty pink mixing bowl now lives in my kitchen

Lindt Hazelnut bunnies, ready to go as easter gifts (and one for me of course!)

I cleaned the beautiful chandelier in my bedroom

my friend Bridget's aunt made this Owl hot water bottle cover for me - too cute!

my 'learn to crochet' blanket is almost finished; I'll share it with you soon

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Reading list

On my bedside table right now...

*  The Mail and Guardian newspaper - I'm reading The Nkandla Report - a license to loot

The Fall of the ANC - what next? by Prince Mashele and Mzukisi Qobo

Mindful Eating by Rachel Bartholomew and Mandy Pearson

*  I'm a recent fan of nutritionist Ellie Krieger, and have 2 of her books waiting to be read -  Small Changes Big Results and So Easy

I recently finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and can highly recommend it.  I see that a movie is being made about the book, featuring Reese Witherspoon

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scrapbooking weekend

The Scrap Addicts recently got together for our quarterly Scrapathon weekend - 2 whole days of scrapbooking.  It's still never enough time for us and we always wish that we had more time together to scrapbook.
Leonie was due to celebrate her birthday, so Lynn and I
spoilt her with some great gifts

each Scrap Addict designed a page kit for the weekend, this is Lynn's lovely page

 Linda designed this double page

Leonie's page has a lovely flag banner at the top - made using a new punch by Martha Stewart
Lynette's page has a nautical theme

and this is the page that I designed for everyone; we design and share the page kits every quarter

miss Ruby is scrap cat, and was rather upset that Lynn left her big box of paper at home (she loves to lie in Lynn's paper box)

these are 3 of my pages from the weekend 

Linda and Lynn helped me pack everything away on Sunday afternoon,
and then headed home; thanks ladies for another
awesome scrapbooking weekend together!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just the way I like it

*  waking up without the alarm clock on Sunday morning, making coffee, and enjoying 'book club in bed' with my furry child
*  crocheting in bed while catching up on taped programs on my PVR
*  deep tissue massages every 2 to 3 weeks
*  having Ruby on my lap, playing with her, feeling her fur, and hearing her purr
*  washing laundry and towels
*  putting seed in the bird feeder and watching who comes to visit
*  a hot bubble bath before bed, and then reading a few pages before lights out
*  online shopping - Scrap-a-Doodles, Loot and Yuppiechef are my favourites
*  buying odds and ends that I know my baby nieces need or will enjoy - like candy necklaces, shoes (miss Katy loooves shoes!) and warm jackets
*  being diligent about taking a wide range of vitamins and supplements recommended by my homeopath.  Every day
*  reading...blogs, books, magazines
*  crumbed baked chicken breasts on fresh spaghetti with basil pesto, rocket and grated parmesan cheese
*  the colour pink
*  recycling - it's a hassle in South Africa, but I just do it
*  cupcakes
*  MAC eye shadow, Woolies Mascara, Hannon foundation and blush, and Clarins Fix Make-up spray

*  using harvested water from my rain water tank to water the pot plants